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Unconventional. Experienced. Supportive. Energetic. Vigorous. Fun.

Since the early age, I was exposed to a lot of mess. One of my first memories is my parents getting a divorce and experiencing something which I over time analyzed as a panic attack - on my 6th birthday. Later on, I was bullied at high school for being different. I've lived through a lot, examples can be -> getting out of addiction and many things connected to it, dealing with low self-worth, dad and family issues, loneliness, clinically diagnosed panic attacks, coping with loss, more bullying, problems finding friends, unstable partnerships, coping with my emotions and depression.


In present, I am studying MA. degree and before I studied two Universities at once for 3 years for BA. I overcame addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. I am not even addicted to coffee or chocolate - which is really hard these days :). I managed my self-worth and I know how to express it. I've opened to the world and learned many things and I can say I am self-aware. I have a great partner and we both treat each other with self-respect and love. I realized I am not perfect and that is what I like about myself.


I have the greatest job now - working with people! :)


I've worked hard to change the way I think and become a better person. My secret weapon is that I am transforming the bad into good so it is going to work for you in a creative way. And I want to share it with you! I want to show you how to have a heart like a lion!

I value truth, openmindedness creativity, an active living which leads to development. I don't judge people as I have been judged wrong many times. For those who are here now, I am always a good friend who is always there. I am also very vivid - maybe that's why my mum got me my name :) I perceive it as my duty to be the leader if needed. My three basic mottos are: "always take the high road in life", "just because it is, doesn't mean it should be" and "imperfection makes life better". Together we can make your life better. I've been there so I can guide you in your transformation and development!



Transformational and Creative Life Coach and Analyst

Something about me

I come from Prague, Czech Republic but I study in the city called Pilsen where the good beer Pilsner Urquell is from.

I am happy to be alive :)! I will tell you more in our sessions where we get to know each other.


I could tell you about my degrees and certifications but I consider that as not really that important. I can tell you during our sessions.

So I will tell you what I am good at:

swimming, playing the reverse flute, singing, talking and argumentation, connecting to people, crafting and crocheting, developing new ideas, planning, traveling, book reading, taking care of my Senegal Parrot, dystopian stories, lyrics and poem writing, constructive reviews, political science, life philosophy, sharing the happy mood and being different.

Oh and playing computer games too :)


I also write my blog which sums up not only life coaching advice but also wider view as I had the honor to study many liberal arts. Plus I add a lot of current topics of course. Check it out :)!


Empathic openminded sessions with fresh thoughts

As I value self-development I want my client to take responsibility for their problems themselves to learn from their mistakes. That makes a person really fulfilled and proud of themselves when they make a progress. I hope we can become friends over time. I also value open-minded approach and friendliness which of course means we are both imperfect and we are heading towards better selves each day and session. I've experienced a lot of "transfer" process in my life so I will guide you through - together we can achieve anything!


I offer skype or facebook video calls,  which are totally up to us to manage. I prefer informal manner, relaxed and the best is to talk over a coffee or tea :)


I also offer texting as I know that sometimes you are just not that social or just want to have someone on the phone and there for you. Anything else is up to your desires and I am always open to ideas. 


If you are from the Czech Republic, I also offer 1-to-1 sessions in person - in Prague or Pilsen. Just email me at yourpersonalsoulmate@gmail.com or msg me on facebook.


Make a leap of faith and I will catch you. Just text me here in the "let's chat window", or on facebook messenger or email of course. I will be happy to hear from you!

I speak fluent English and Czech and my offers are possible in both languages.



Support and open-mindedness make the difference

Meditation by the sea


Live a more meaningful and happier life and learn to balance all aspects of it - family, relationship, job, hobbies, lifestyle and live a fulfilling life. After several sessions, you will become more stable and will be handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Click here.


Have you been working the whole day and you just don't see the results or you often feel like you have done nothing the whole day? Do you feel you don't use your time effectively and you don't have time-management skills?

In these sessions, you will learn how to manage your time to achieve goals and errands you set and skills to beat procrastination! Let's go.


Do you feel like you don't belong into a group or society which is outside? Are you not accepted and left out? Learn to understand your relationship towards society and stand your ground. Learn the difference of your values with those set by society. This course will show you how to manage yourself towards the outside world which is getting bigger every day. Learn how to be significant. Click here.


Sometimes we get burned out or stuck in our life and we need another perspective to find a new purpose and develop our inner selves and feel more fulfilled. And that is totally OK! These sessions will help you to learn more about your self, accept it and find your real purpose through your abilities and develop them. Let's make your life balanced. Click here.


Is there an obstacle on your way that seems to be unsolvable or a goal that seems to be too far? Do you have a wish for a long time which you are too afraid to fulfill? Then this session is for you.

When we walk through this together, no problems will be too big or too much for you and no goal unreachable. You will also learn how to manage your own time. Click here.


Is there a problem in your relationships with your partner or family members? Learn to make your relationships better so all of the sides will feel good and will be balanced. Learn to recognize abusive behavior and relationship and face it. Learn to make decisions and don't take things too personally. Learn to fully love yourself, your relatives and your partner in all aspects of personality. Click here.